Spring 2023 Season Info

The MSPSP Spring 2023 season will officially begin March 10th and ends June 9th* (matches can be played post-season if approved, contact MSPSP if needed).

Match-day Procedures
MSPSP Passcards (ID Cards) and Official Rosters (Coaches / Managers) (link)
MSPSP Passcards (ID Cards) and Official Rosters (Clubs) (link)
How to Access / Print Match Cards (link)
Referee Instruction Sheet (link)

What to bring on match day
-Ref fees, match card, team documents (passcards and roster, any club passcard players documents as well), risk management cards.
-Pay referees first thing once you arrive at the field.
-Obtain Passcards, Rosters, Match Card, Risk Management Card online through GotSport.

What to do in the event of bad weather, need to cancel, or forfeit
-contact referee assignor and opponent ASAP, contact MSPSP via email.

-No signature required on match report, collect documents
-obtain a copy of the match report if desired
-thank referees and clean the area

All teams should have the MSPSP patch applied to their player jersey. MSPSP provides player patches at no cost should teams not screen print the logo onto the jersey. The MSPSP-provided patches are heat-applied, can be applied using an iron or hair dryer, recommended 4s-30s depending on heat level.
-If patches are needed contact MSPSP with shipping address and # needed.
-It is recommended to be applied on the left sleeve.

Referee Fees
Referee Instruction Sheet

There have been minor adjustments to make the split payments between teams easier.

Spring 2023 MSPSP Referee Fees are:
MSPSP U13 & U14: $56 (CR) / $40 (AR) / $40 (AR)
MSPSP U15 & U16: $66 / $46 / $46
MSPSP U17, U18, & U19: $76 / $50 / $50

This means that each team will pay:
MSPSP U13 & U14: $28 (CR) / $20 (AR) / $20 (AR)
MSPSP U15 & U16: $33 / $23 / $23
MSPSP U17, U18, & U19: $38 / $25 / $25

Reschedules & Cancellations:
MSPSP Reschedule Policy (link)
Procedure to Reschedule Games Due to Weather or Field Closures (link)

-Review MSPSP Reschedule Policy’s deadlines
-We no longer use GotSoccer 2-way chat, email / phone is now used for reschedule communications.
-Reschedule fee ($100) could apply for match changes, review Reschedule Policy to determine.
-To reschedule or cancel a match contact MSPSP & your MSPSP Regional Assignor via email in regards to any match cancellations, reschedules, moves or changes, etc.
-List of Referee Assignors on MSPSP website & below.
-Cancel ASAP when known / needed – this allows us to free up refs
-Use block scheduling for any reschedules to ensure referee availability
-Weather reasons permitted for cancel: water logged field, dangerous weather, unplayable field, hazardous travel conditions (early ‘spring’ ice).
-Matches need to be played 2/3rds to completion to count if needing to call the match early (light, rain, cold).
-Do not have your opponent travel just to cancel at the field if the situation is bad / questionable – if the facility is closed or unavailable and your opponent is not notified and travels for a now canceled match, the fixture is then reversed, and they are now the home team for the replay. The home team has the responsibility to ensure the venue is available 24hr in advance in the event of weather etc, and to notice the traveling team to prevent and unneeded travel / risk.

In the event of a cancel / reschedule, provide the following to MSPSP & your regional assignor via email
Match #, Date, Time, Facility.

MSPSP Regional Referee Assignors & Emergency Contacts
-Also found on MSPSP website > ‘League Info, Rules, and Forms’ page
-Contact your regional assignor & MSPSP when you need to reschedule, move, or cancel a match.
-Contact your regional assignor if there are any match or referee issues.
-Need to move fields or time outside of office hours and last minute – contact your assignor!
-The MSPSP Regional Referee Assignors are there to assist team officials or referees with any MSPSP cancellations, field moves, reschedules, or match issues & serve as an MSPSP representative and point of contact for match issues outside of MSPSP office hours.

Detroit Metro East: Fawzi Noocha | fnoocha@hotmail.com | 586.491.7333
Detroit Metro West: Erich Shrewsbury | eshrews@gmail.com | 248.467.7846
Lansing & Jackson: Dena Conine | dena@co9.com | 517.944.9090
Kalamazoo / Portage / Battle Creek: Jim DeBrabander | jimdebrabander@gmail.com
Muskegon & Grand Haven: Andrew Johnson | ajsoccer26@yahoo.com
Grand Rapids: John Corbett | jscsails@aol.com | 616.334.4240
Northern & Mid Michigan: Tom Coatoam | mscref@gmail.com | 989.928.5939

Match Reports
How to Access / Print Match Cards (link)

-Teams will print the GotSport match card (standard version that shows both teams) out of GotSport and bring to the field for the referees.
-The referees will complete the match card and use this to complete SportsForms.
-No post-game signature is required, but you should ask for a copy of the match report for your records.
-Asking for a copy (or photo) will ensure you have the match-records the day-of. Referees are instructed to complete SportsForms for MSPSP within 72 hours, but it can sometimes vary – depending on the circumstances you may want the match information readily available. It is also good to have in the event of an error / protest/
-Teams (head coaches, or asst if no head coach due to RM or other) will receive a copy via email.
-Teams will no longer provide referees envelopes to send match reports into the MSPSP Office, as match reports are submitted online by referees.

-Thank the referees and clean up the field and bench area.

Reporting Scores
How to Report Match Scores (link)

-Scores are to be reported by the teams: the winner or home team in a draw.
-Scores are to be reported into GotSport via the schedule page (on the MSPSP website) or via the user / team account. Scores can no longer called in via phone and must be done online with a computer or smartphone. A guide on how to report scores is in the FAQ section below.

Teams will need the PIN # (2023) and match # (obtained from the MSPSP Match Card) to input scores. Scores CAN be input by either team, but the responsibilities remain to the winner (or home team in a draw) to report scores. Consistent failure to report scores can result in fines issued to the team.

Reporting Misconduct (cards)
How to Report Match Misconduct (link)
Red / Yellow Card Tracking Document (link)

-In the same area you report scores you will report cards.
-You should use a copy of the match report or the MSPSP Card Tracking document to assist.
-Ask the referees for a copy / photo of the match report before leaving the match OR
-Use the ‘MSPSP Card Tracking Document’ on the MSPSP website / below.
-Using either of these methods, then report the cards into GotSport.
-Referees also submit misconduct & disciplinary records directly to MSPSP, but teams should report misconduct into GotSport as this will ensure you do not play any players who should be serving suspensions.
-When a red card is reported in GotSport that player / coach will automatically be ‘crossed off’ and ineligible for their next MSPSP match and will again be eligible once their next match has its score reported.
-If you end up playing a player that should be serving a suspension, that will result in a $250 forfeit fine and cause you to be ineligible to win your division.
-Suspended players will automatically update in GotSport after their next match score has been reported in GotSport for the match they served their suspension. For example, a player who received a red card for a match last Sunday and is serving a 1-match suspension for a match this coming Friday, they will be marked eligible again once Fridays’ match has had its score reported.
-As a result, you may see sometimes that the losing team or away team in a draw reports the score as some scenarios may require teams to report scores with urgency to clear suspensions for matches later that day or the next day, but the responsibility is on the winner or home team in the event of a draw. Failure to consistently report scores can result in fines.

If there are any errors with reporting scores or misconduct, notify MSPSP.

Referee Evaluation Form:
Referee Evaluation Form (link)

The referee evaluation form serves as a method for team officials to report a positive or negative match experience regarding the match officials. If the referee(s) had an excellent performance – let us know! Or perhaps had a poor performance, kindly let us know in specific detail so that we can communicate this to the league assignors as well as the Michigan Referee Committee for further evaluation. The evaluation form can be found on the MSPSP website & below.

Match Protest Process
The process to protest matches has changed as of Fall 2022.
-Teams no longer write ‘PROTEST’ on the match report. The process now is to notify MSPSP directly.
-Depending on the circumstance of the protest, matches can be protested prior, during, or post-match.
-If you are protesting due to what you consider dangerous conditions or situations, you would not play the match.
-If you are protesting due to passcarding, match length, ineligible players, field size, you would play the match.
-You should notify the center referee as a courtesy and for them to make note in the match report.

What can be protested?
Misapplication of the laws of the game (FIFA), misapplication of league rules (MSPSP), ineligible players, incorrect field size, club passcarding violations, match length, dangerous playing conditions.

What cannot be protested?
Cards, offsides, goals, ejections, ie: referee discretionary calls.

Protest Process
>Notify MSPSP via email summary
>MSPSP compiles match details and notifies MSPSP Disciplinary Committee
>MSPSP Disciplinary Committee makes determination and sets outcome, possibilities of replay, forfeit, void, fines, etc.
>MSPSP notifies teams / clubs of MSPSP Disciplinary Committee’s determination.

MSPSP Sportsmanship
We will be monitoring sportsmanship provided on behalf of the match reports submitted by referees in a rating system composed by the MSPSP Disciplinary Committee.
-Team with the ‘best sportsmanship’ each season is awarded the ‘Premier Sportsmanship’ award.

-MSPSP rewards ‘Premier Sportsmanship’ teams with MSPSP jerseys, patches, and a team dinner.
-Teams demonstrating continued poor sportsmanship or behavior may have team officials / club staff required to attend a MSPSP Disciplinary Committee hearing.

Congratulations to the following clubs so far and their recent Premier Sportsmanship teams:
-PASS FC (PASS FC 2009 Boys)
-TKO Premier SC (TKO Premier SC 2009G)
-Warriors SC (Warriors SC 2005 Girls)

MSPSP Code of Conduct
MSPSP Code of Conduct (link)

Team officials, players, and spectators are expected to understand and follow the current rules, policies, and procedures of the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program as well as MSYSA rules & policies. Ignorance of these rules does not present a case for defense should any rules or policies be violated. If behavior or actions are considered serious enough by the MSPSP Disciplinary Committee, a team / club may face additional sanctions listed below for ‘Irresponsible Team Behavior’ or ‘Misconduct Towards Referees’, offenses are determined by the MSPSP Disciplinary Committee.

-If a match has spectators removed by the officials, the team(s) club may be issued a minimum $250 fine.
-If a match must be replayed because of a team / spectator’s behavior resulting in the match being canceled, the team(s) club determined to be at fault will be issued a minimum $500 fine.

Examples of Irresponsible Team Behavior & Misconduct Towards Referees
-Verbally or physically abusing / harassing any opponents, officials, team staff, spectators, or any participants of the match.
-Persistently and flagrantly protesting decisions by an official, interfering with the performance of the center referee or assistant referee duties.
-Interfering with the match in any way, such as throwing objects, entering the field during play,

A) A team / club may be fined a minimum of $500 as a result of ‘Irresponsible / Unacceptable Team Behavior’ or ‘Misconduct Toward Referees’ within MSPSP league matches on behalf of a team’s coach, players, or spectators.

B) A second offense by said team will result in a minimum of a $1,000 fine as a result of unacceptable spectator behavior or misconduct toward referees, as well as evaluation of team / club participation by the MSPSP Disciplinary Committee.

C) Any third offense by a club in a season for all of their participating teams will result in a minimum $1,000 fine and evaluation of club participation within the league by the MSPSP Disciplinary Committee.

Fines issued to teams / clubs go towards the MSPSP Referee Development budget for Referee Scholarships & Referee Education.

Suspensions & MSPSP Disciplinary Committee
-All MSPSP Red Cards are automatically a 1-match suspension (league game), unless otherwise determined by the MSPSP Disciplinary Committee.
-Offenses for Violent Conduct, Abusive Language, Serious Foul Play, Spitting, etc can carry additional suspension length. If a player is determined by the MSPSP Disciplinary Committee to be additionally suspended in match length, MSPSP will communicate this decision to the team / club.
-All double-yellow card offenses are automatically a 1 match suspension.

Yellow Card Accumulation
-If a player receives 3 yellow cards over the course of the season (in individual matches), they are to then serve a 1-match suspension the following match.
-If a player receives 6 yellow cards over the course of the season, they are to then serve a 1-match suspension the following match.
-Situations of a player receiving two yellows in a match turning into a red card does not count towards the yellow-card accumulation rule.

Team Official Send-Offs (Ejections)
Team Official Send Off Policy (link)

Team Officials who are sent-off (either via direct send off or by double-yellow) are subject to the MSPSP Team Official Send Off Policy and may result in a $250 fine issued to the club.
-Team staff ejections can vary in nature; not all ejections will result in Team Official Send-Off fine or a strike from the MSPSP Code of Conduct policy.
-It’s important to note however that some behavior can result in the ejection fine and a violation of the MSPSP Code of Conduct policy.
-Subsequent send-offs over the course of the season can accumulate.
-Additionally, Team Officials can receive cards on behalf of their spectators; it is important to understand team officials are responsible for their parents and are expected to promote a positive atmosphere for players and spectators.
-When a team official is sent off, it is an automatic 1-match suspension to be served immediately.

Important Links:
MSPSP Passcards (ID Cards) and Official Rosters (Coaches / Managers)
MSPSP Passcards (ID Cards) and Official Rosters (Clubs)
How to Access / Print Match Cards
How to Report Match Scores
How to Report Match Misconduct (Cards)
Referee Instruction Sheet  (Fees, Game Duration, etc)
MSPSP Reschedule Policy
Procedure to Reschedule Games Due to Weather or Field Closures
MSPSP Yellow Card Policy
Red / Yellow Card Tracking Document
Team Official Send Off Policy
MSPSP Code of Conduct
MSYSA SafeSport Instructions
MSYSA SafeSport Tips and FAQ
Referee Evaluation Form
MSPSP Online Payment Options (Late-additions, reschedule fee, fines)

Good luck and have a great season!

Michigan State Premier Soccer Program