Referee Instructions

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Cancelled Matches
-Referees get paid if the game is cancelled at the field, unless canceled by the facility / park / school.
-If the referee deems the field unplayable, both teams will pay the full referee fees.
-If one team does not show for a scheduled match (no-show) the referees should not be paid by the team that did show – the league will instead pay the referees and bill the no-show club.

Match Day Process (For Referees)
1. Referees must receive a match card prior to beginning the game. Teams print the match card out of GotSport. Each team should submit a match card.

2. It is the responsibility of the coach to document all participating players/team officials on the match card and also those sitting out due to suspensions from red/yellow cards, team discipline, injuries, etc.

3. Teams must be on opposite sidelines. Spectators must take the same sideline as their respective team. This is done so team officials can have control over their parents and spectators. Team officials are responsible for their spectators behavior and actions.

4. Prior to the start of the game, the referee will collect the game fees from each team. In cases where fewer than three referees show for the assigned game, club linesmen can be assigned by the referee or senior linesperson as required.

Game times and fees for the age group are as follows:
MSPSP U13 & U14 (35-minute halves): $56 (CR) / $40 (AR) / $40 (AR)
MSPSP U15 & U16 (40-minute halves): $66 / $46 / $46
MSPSP U17, U18, & U19 (45-minute halves): $76 / $50 / $50

This means that each team will pay:
MSPSP U13 & U14: $28 (CR) / $20 (AR) / $20 (AR)
MSPSP U15 & U16: $33 / $23 / $23
MSPSP U17, U18, & U19: $38 / $25 / $25

5. After the game, the referee will complete the match card by listing all the yellow and red cards in the proper column after the player or coach name. Proper USSF misconduct codes can be found at the bottom of the game report.

6. Coaches or Managers will take the match card once complete, provide to the other team if needed for confirmation / photo copy, and then take the match card with them to upload as a photo image into GotSport (scoring page) within 72 hours after the game. This is done in the same area scores are reported.