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Club Scheduling

Club Scheduling #2 – Updating games

Creating / Editing Fields & Facilities

Scheduling for Fall 2023
Scheduling for F23 will begin July 14th to July 28th. Scheduling typically kicks off at 5pm on the first day of the scheduling window.

The schedule will be available on the MSPSP website (Schedules & Calendar tab > MSPSP F23 Schedule) to view fixtures and team contact information for scheduling.

Team Contact Info
Team contact info can be found in each teams profile either by selecting the team within the schedule or by searching for the team. In the team profile, select the ‘View Team Contact Information’ link.

Schedule Verification
Will take place July 29th – July 31st. During this period scheduling controls will still be active for editing matches for any final changes.

Scheduling is complete July 31st
Schedules must be entered into GotSport completely by the end of July 31st or teams risk fines for unscheduled matches.

Team Officials (Coaches or Managers) and Club Admins can schedule matches in GotSport.

Team Official Self-Scheduling:

Club Admin Scheduling:

Missing Team Contact Info
-Clubs need to assign coaches / managers to the team if individuals are not currently displayed.
-Clubs / Teams can amend missing contact information by adding team officials to the team in GotSport, the team officials are required to have approved RM (must be eligible during Aug 1, 2023 – July 2024).
-If a team is missing contact information, the team does not currently have coaches or managers assigned to the team. Notify MSPSP, we will assist as we are able.
-If a team is missing contact information, navigate to the ‘Clubs’ option at the top of the MSPSP schedule page on the website and locate the club in question. Locate ‘Club Contact Information’ on the club info page, this will show the clubs staff / admins. Reach out to the club and inform them of the scheduling issue / request appropriate person of contact.
-If you previously had team officials listed on a team and now do not, it is likely GotSports Risk Management audit system has removed you for RM eligibility reasons – check your RM credentials for eligibility and potentially needing to recertify.
-If you are unable to connect with an opponent / club during the scheduling process, or they have gone MIA, or are having general difficulty in scheduling please reach out to MSPSP.

Scheduling Suggestions
Here are a few recommendations to look into when you’re scheduling with your opponents should you be concerned with travel or availability:

-Do you play a league opponent in State Cup? Use the match as a dual-result match! (form found on league resources page)
-Do you play a league opponent in a tournament? Play the tournament match as an MSPSP match! (same form, found on league resources page)
-If travel is a concern, teams can mutually agree to meet half-way to play at a neutral-site venue.
-Double header or playing 2 matches over a weekend if opponents in close proximity when traveling to reduce future travel.
-Attempt to facilitate matches against local competition during the weekdays, not weekends, using weekends for travel.

Block Scheduling
-For the concern of referee availability, if you are able, we request you attempt to schedule with your other club teams utilizing ‘time blocks’ and scheduling matches in a row such as 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, etc rather than sporadicly such as 2 matches at 2PM then another at 6pm. One full referee crew can officiate the first example, however 3 referee crews may be needed for the ‘sporadic’ scheduling example – this will greatly help referee availability / assigning.