• Interested In Becoming A Referee? Interested In Becoming A Referee?

    View the guide the Michigan Referee Program has put together on getting started on your referee pathway. New referees must be 13 years old at the time of registration.

  • MSPSP Code of Conduct MSPSP Code of Conduct

    Review the MSPSP Code of Conduct, sportsmanship, Team Official Send Off Policy, and other misconduct information.

  • MSPSP Division Champion FAQ MSPSP Division Champion FAQ

    We are here to support your success! Division Champions all receive MSPSP Champion shirts.

Need MSPSP patches?

Let us know how many needed, per team or club and where to send them! Connect with your club / team(s) to request in bulk.

All MSPSP registered players are required to have the MSPSP patch on their jersey.

MSPSP Code of Conduct Policy

The MSPSP Code of Conduct Policy holds strict expectations of team and spectator behavior. Team officials, players, and spectators are expected to understand and follow the code of conduct, current rules, policies, and procedures of MSPSP.

Irresponsible Behavior by players, team officials, or spectators will be handled according to the MSPSP Code of Conduct policy. Clubs are responsible for their team officials, players, and spectators behavior.

MSPSP Code of Conduct

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