League Registration


Girls’ age groups for the fall MSPSP season are U13 through U19.
Boys’ age groups for the fall MSPSP season are U13, U14 and U15 Supplemental.

Teams looking to participate in Spring 2024 will complete registration in January.

Is your club new to MSPSP or has not participated with MSPSP recently? If so, contact MSPSP so that we can properly set up your clubs registration for teams and players.

If your club is not displayed within the drop-down list of clubs within the SportsForms Player Contract process, contact MSPSP.

If you need any help or support with the registration / enrollment process, please reach out!

MSPSP Contact Info:
Program Director

MSPSP Fall 2023 Important Links
Fall 2023 Calendar
Team Enrollment Guide
Team Information Sheet (Sample)
Club Code of Conduct Form
MSPSP Code of Conduct Policy
Affiliation Form (PDF)
Affiliation Form (word doc)
MSPSP Division FAQ
NLC Endorsement Criteria
U15 Supplemental Division FAQ

Important MSPSP Registration Dates
June 14: MSPSP Fall 2023 Registration Info Meeting @ 6pm via ZOOM
-Meeting info to be communicated on June 12.
July 1: MSPSP Team Registration Deadline (Payment, team enrollment, Club Code of Conduct, Affiliation form).
July 7: Fall 2023 Pre-Divisions posted
July 8: MSPSP Player Registration Deadline (GotSport rosters, Player contracts)
July 9: Late-Player Additions begin ($25/player)
July 11: MSPSP Fall 2023 Divisioning Meeting @ 1pm via ZOOM

MSPSP Team Registration
-The MSPSP Team Registration Deadline for Fall 2023 is July 1
Team Registration Fees are $475 per team per season due July 1
-Payable via Affiliating League, Check, or Credit Card (payment at time of enrollment per team).
Club Team Affiliation Form due July 1
-The MSPSP Player Registration Deadline for Fall 2023 is July 8
New Fall 2023, clubs must complete the MSPSP Club Code of Conduct form via SportsForms to participate in MSPSP by the Team Registration Deadline on July 1Failure to submit by the deadline will result in a $200 fine and a hold on the clubs team divisioning & participation until completed. This form is to be completed via SportsForms by the club leadership (Director, Administrator, DOC, President, etc).

MSPSP Player Registration
Player Contract Link: https://www.sportsforms.club/mspsp.html.

Player contracts and rosters (GotSport) are due by July 8th, or players are flagged as late-players and require the late-addition fee ($25/player).

Adult Athlete Risk Management (U18 / U19 players)
Effective for the fall 2023 season, all athletes 18 and older must secure a FREE background screening from MSYSA and complete the SafeSport training in order to participate. This includes players who may be 17 at the start of the season but turn 18 during the season. Prior technological (GotSport) challenges associated with athlete trainings have been resolved. As such, this communication is intended to provide you notice that MSYSA is moving forward on requiring athletes (18 or older) to secure the SafeSport training and background screening.

General information regarding Adult Athlete Risk Management can be found here. Additional details, including step-by-step instructions on how athletes (18 and above) can complete these requirements, will be shared when available. As a reminder, the required SafeSport Trained Course is FREE.

In addition, optional trainings from the U.S. Center for SafeSport are offered to parents and athletes. Examples include: ‘Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport’ training (30 min. course), ‘SafeSport for Youth Athletes’ (ages 13-17) training (15 min. course) and ‘SafeSport for Kids’ (ages 5-12) training (15 min. course). All of these trainings are FREE, and the youth trainings require parental consent. To access the parent and/or youth trainings, please visit https://safesporttrained.org/#/dashboard and create an account. Once logged in, click “Catalog” from your Dashboard, and then click “Enroll” in the course(s) you want to take.

MSPSP Division Changes  
For fall 2023 and beyond, MSPSP will be making the Classic divisions a more regional-focused (less travel) model for Classic 1 & 2 (where able). Premier 1 and Premier 2 will remain statewide, however Premier 3 will also provide regional divisions when able. If unable to facilitate a regional division in certain areas, those teams requesting such divisions will be placed into their nearest neighboring regional division or competitively balanced division.

Regional divisions: West MI, Mid-MI, Greater Detroit, Ann Arbor/Jackson.

This change is to reduce travel commitments, provide greater flexibility for scheduling & rescheduling options, an anticipated increased participation in tournaments and other programming due to less league travel, and to provide better options for teams seeking a higher competition level than Select that do not want statewide travel.

Premier 1 (Statewide)
Premier 2 (Statewide)
Premier 3 (Regional when able)
Classic 1 (Regional)
Classic 2 (Regional)

A reminder that division requests are requests, team placement is subject by MSPSP. For more information on MSPSP divisions, please see the MSPSP Divisions page on the website.

MSPSP Fall 2023 Roster Permissions & Age Group Changes
Roster Size
The MSPSP official roster minimum is 14 and maximum is 22 for 2023-2024. MSPSP Board of Directors policy permission for 2023-2024 seasonal year*. Cases can be permitted below 14 with MSPSP approval.

Age Variance
Roster age-variance rules 
(roster being age-appropriate, % based on # of players relative to roster size and participating age group) continue to be 40% (other than U18 / U19) instead of 51% for 2023-2024. Teams below 40% (roster age) of their age group can be permitted with MSPSP approval. MSPSP Board of Directors policy permission for 2023-2024 seasonal year*. No team shall be allowed to roster players who are too old for the age group in which they are playing.

Club Passcarding
-5 Club passcard players permitted per match (must adhere to 18 player match roster limit).
-All of U18 / U19 will permit HSO age variance. U15 to U19 players are able to be rostered or to club passcard to participate as eligible.
-U15 players can club passcard to U16, U17, or U18/U19 (MSPSP Board of Directors policy permission for 2023-2024 seasonal year*).
-U11, U12, U13, & U14 players can only club passcard up two age groups.
-NLC, E64, MLS Next, and Girls Academy players are NOT permitted to participate in MSPSP, even by club passcarding.

U18 / U19 Merge
In MSPSP Fall 2023, the U18 and U19 age groups will merge into U18 / U19.

  • The High School Open division will now be U18 / U19 Classic HSO.
  • All of U18 / U19 will permit HSO age variance. U15 to U19 players are able to be rostered or to club passcard to participate as eligible.

Coaching License Requirements
MSPSP Premier 1 – Premier 3 minimally requires USSF ‘D’ License or equiv.
-Teams / Coaches can be given temporary permittance of one year to obtain the ‘D’ license or begin its pathway.
-Questions or concerns about the USSF D License requirement for P1-P3, contact MSPSP.

MSPSP Classic requires a USSF Grassroots License (one completed course should be 11v11).

Late Player Additions ($25/player)
Effective July 9, if you want to add a player to your roster MSPSP there is a $25 fee for ‘Late Player Additions’ after the initial player deadline – payable online on the MSPSP website.

Early Passcards ($50/team)
If team documents are needed prior to August 2, teams must request Early Passcards from MSPSP. The cost is $50/team and is payable online on the MSPSP website. Turnaround time is 3-5 days.

Player / Coach Photos
Clubs / teams are to upload pictures to the GotSport player/coach profiles. Pictures uploaded to GotSport will be automatically printed on passcards. Pictures must be in color and be passport / portrait style. Players risk participation without a clear identifiable photo.

Team Official Requirements
-Valid SafeSport Certification (1 year expiry)
-CDC Heads Up Concussion Certification (3 year expiry)
-Risk Management Background Check (1 year expiry)
-Recent Photo in GotSport

Player Registration Forms
-All players must complete the MSPSP Player Contract through SportsForms to be deemed properly registered.
-Players who participate in the Fall season do NOT need to submit a new player contract in the spring, unless they transfer to a new club.
-Once the MSPSP Player Contract is completed the player is officially committed to the club for the entire seasonal year (fall and spring seasons).
-It is the responsibility of the club to collect the required player/parent concussion form.
-U18 / U19 players must complete the Adult Athlete Risk Management requirements.

Event Enrollment (Team Registration in GotSport)
-See the document labeled Team Enrollment Guide for detailed instructions on how to enter teams into GotSport and provide divisioning information to MSPSP.
-Team placement (division) information will be submitted digitally in the application process.
-In order to participate in Michigan State Premier Soccer Program, all teams must be entered into the GotSport event prior to the registration deadline!

Please note: Filling out a petition for division placement is a request, not a guarantee. The divisioning meeting is available for further adjustments.


  1. It is the responsibility of the Club OR Affiliating League to submit payment to MSPSP with the League Affiliation Form by the registration deadline.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Club OR Affiliating League to ensure all teams have been registered into MSPSP event in GotSport by the deadline.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Club OR Affiliating League to ensure all players have completed their MSPSP SportsForm player contracts by the player contract deadline, or those players are deemed late-additions and will require the late-addition fee of $25 to be added to the roster.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Club OR Affiliating League to ensure all players have submitted valid PROOF OF BIRTH / AGE at the time of completing the MSPSP SportsForms player contract. Valid proof of birth includes a passport, birth certificate, certificate of live birth. Driver’s license is OK for clubs not in the below list, that are not professionally affiliated and do not require the International Transfer Clearance (ITC) process.